Spruce Creek Flying Club
The Spruce Creek Flying Club is open to all Spruce Creek residents.  Members of the flying club meet 6 months out of the year with featured guest speakers.

The Spruce Creek Flying Club is the sponsor of the Toy Parade for the past 34 years.  
This year’s date….. December 14, 2019.

For more information please contact Pat Ohlsson, 
Treasurer/Membership Chairman at 788-4991 or 761-8804.

Spruce Creek Flying Club
Next Meeting 
Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Spruce Creek Country Club
5:30 - Social Gathering
6:15 - Dinner served *** New Time
7:30 - Guest Speakers

Country Club Members should email
 with their member number and any dietary restrictions.

Non members should place a check in the Suggestion Box, which is now located near the bulletin board outside the Country Club office. The cost will be $28.00 per person. Again note any dietary restrictions.  

Reservations have to be in by Monday Feb 18, 2019

Speaker: Judy Rice
Topic: Earthrounder Adventures

Throughout her life, Judy Rice has had a passion for aviation and aerospace technology. Building on a career schoolteacher, an educator with the National 4-H Aerospace Curriculum project, and as a co-architect of the KidVenture program at EAA in Oshkosh, she set out to embark on an ambitious flight in a Citation Jet. Her purpose was to help educate hundreds of young people, inspiring them to learn more about aviation and to further their own knowledge on STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Math), aviation, and aerospace topics.

Captain Rice is an instrument rated, commercial, multi-engine, Citation type-rated pilot, advanced ground instructor, and certified flight instructor. Judy, who resides in Ormond Beach, has logged over 4,000 hours in numerous aircraft. 
She currently owns a Grumman Yankee.
Spruce Creek Flying Club

2019 DUES
2019 Dues of $10.00 are due and thank you for your support.

Spruce Creek Flying Club