Spruce Creek Flying Club
The Spruce Creek Flying Club is open to all Spruce Creek residents.  Members of the flying club meet 6 months out of the year with featured guest speakers.

The Spruce Creek Flying Club is the sponsor of the Toy Parade for the past 28 years.  
This year’s date….. December 12, 2015.

For more information please contact Pat Ohlsson, 
Treasurer/Membership Chairman at 788-4991 or 761-8804.

Spruce Creek Flying Club
Next Meeting
Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Happy New Year to all of our Flying Club Members.  

We have some great programs scheduled for 2015.
Our next dinner meeting will be Wed. Jan. 21 2015. 

Please call Michelle at the Spruce Creek Country Club at (756-6116 X 10) for your dinner reservations ASAP. This is necessary for meal planning. 

If you are not a SCCC member please bring her a check for $25.00 per person in advance. 
Please advise the Country Club if you need a special meal.

Happy Hour: 5:30 - 6:15 PM 
Dinner: 6:15 - 7:30 PM
Guest Speaker: 7:30 PM 
Speaker: Bill Gehrmann

Topic: Hurricane Hunting
Chief Master Sargent William "Bill" Gehrmann was a Flight Engineer on a WC-130H 
based at Kessler AFB in Biloxi, MS. For 11 years he was part of the team where the
mission was to fly into tropical cyclones (hurricanes) in the North Atlantic and 
Northeastern Pacific Oceans to gather weather data.

Before satellites were used to find storms, military aircraft flew routine weather reconnaissance tracks to detect formation of tropical cyclones. Today, satellites have revolutionized weather forecasters' ability to detect signs of such cyclones before they form, yet they cannot determine the interior barometric pressure of a hurricane nor provide accurate wind speed information — data needed to accurately predict hurricane development and movement.  (Wikipedia)

Bill served 38 years in the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve. He is an aircraft owner and a private pilot for 40 years. Currently a resident of Wisconsin, this winter will be the fifth he has spent with us in Spruce Creek.